TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT:  Full-Time Permanent



  • Leads a portion of project team in terms of Rich Media development in a particular subject matter area
  • Works independently to complete the coding assignments or other deliverables
  • Assists in scoping, designing and documenting client applications, interacting with the client and working within a larger development team


  • Responsible for the development activities, including plan, define, design, and implementation of significant modules
  • Prepare for and participate in code and design reviews
  • Help guide all junior developers on the team
  • Ensure completion of coding assignments, following best practices
  • Codes complex modules and pages for the project
  • Provides coding solutions specific to project needs
  • Follows coding guidelines and best practices
  • Participates in unit tests, reviews and troubleshoots other developers’ code
  • Reports status to project leadership team


  • Bachelors/Masters
  • Experience working on client/consumer facing websites
  • 3-5 years of experience



  • In-depth understanding of different JavaScript/AJAX frameworks (Prototype.js, YUI, Dojo)
  • Demonstrable experience with hand-coding XHTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript for enterprise level web implementations
  • Demonstrable experience and examples of complex CSS layout
  • Ability to code in multiple languages (XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/AJAX, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET etc)
  • Possesses a strong understanding of content management systems
  • Ability to create code documentation using tools such as JSDoc, ASDoc etc
  • High level understanding of key components of WEB2.0 architecture (AJAX, Social Networking, Blogs etc)
  • High level understanding of Search Engine Optimization techniques for various Rich Media Technologies (XHTML/AJAX)
  • Must have interest in emerging technologies



  • Ability to create highly scalable Flash based Rich Media Internet Applications using the Adobe suite of products
  • Deep understanding of Flash frameworks (Adobe AS3/Flex, Cairngorm)
  • An expert knowledge of Flash 8/9, Flex 2.0 and ActionScript 2.0/3.0
  • In-depth understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts and design patterns
  • Strong fundamentals in XML and parsing techniques
  • Experience using Flash Remoting/Flex data services/Web services
  • Knowledge of the Flash Media Server and its capabilities
  • Experience with Flash audio/video encoding/transcoding techniques (Streaming using CDN experience is a plus)
  • Knowledge of Flash detection/embedding techniques, cross domain security, multi browser performance issues
  • Experience with optimizing for varying bandwidth and platform requirements



up to $105K-$110K depending on experience



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Anthony Musco


AM Solutions, LLC

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