AM Solutions is a full service Information Technology placement firm founded in 1999 by Anthony Musco proudly serving clients throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean with a network of IT professionals worldwide.


Anthony N. Musco AM Solutions Worldwide President & CEO


In 1996 Anthony Musco graduated from Binghamton University in upstate New York with a BA in Psychology.  After a year working as an analyst for Nielsen Media Research in New York City he transitioned to Staffing/Recruiting for The Consortium.There he recruited for the major firms on Wall Street (at the time - Lehman Brothers, Prudential, Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bear Sterns) within all levels of their IT departments.


Then in 1999 Anthony moved to Colorado where he recruited for the 30 year old Denver-based company, Careers Limited, specializing in Technical Recruiting.  Later that year he started his own recruiting company‚Ķ AM Solutions, LLC.


With AM Solutions, Anthony recruited in the IT industry while the market was booming. As the economic climate weakened after 2001, AM Solutions diversified its client portfolio by branching out to recruiting/staffing sales reps and the  legal services industry throughout the US.


As the company's scope broadened, AM Solutions started staffing/recruiting for several Canadian companies.